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Nancy has been unhappy with her teeth for quite some time and is also not fond of dental work. But Nancy decided it was time and worked up the courage due to having problems with her teeth as well as her son's upcoming weddng.

Nancy wanted her teeth to look great but also wanted to fix her teeth so that she would not continally have problems that would require dental visits. Her main concern with her smile was the spaces between her teeth.

Nancy's case started the same way all of our more complex cases begin with a bite assessment and diagnosis which includes photos, models of the teeth and a mock-up of her new teeth built in wax.

During the planning process it was noted that Nancy's bite was not level which produced uneven pressure on certain teeth causing breakage. Cosmetically, it was noted Nancy did not display enough of her teeth when smiling or with her lip relaxed. With this information Nancy's new smile was built in wax for preview and evaluation.

Next, Nancy was able to see what it would look and feel like in her mouth with preliminary or trial restorations. My job was to evaluate the function. If one or more of the trial restortions were to chip or crack it would provide valuable information to make her bite work properly and would be modified. Nancy did require some refining.

Once Nancy was happy with the look and feel of the trial restorations and they were functioning nicely the final restorations were competed.

Nancy is absolutely thrilled with her new smile and it will serve her will for a long time. Nancy's case was completed with convention filling material to stay in her budget and she chose a removable partial denture to replace her lower back teeth.

Nancy, you look great!!!

It was our pleasure to work with you and we are looking forward to helping you maintain your new smile.
- The Forman Dental Team


Tony has been progressively wearing his teeth for the past 10yrs+. His upper front teeth were repaired but continually chipped and had to be redone. Tony even broke two bridges on his lower right. Tony decided it was time to do something that would last and also improve the appearance of his teeth.

Tony's treatment began with building a schematic and wax mock-up of the anticipated result before working on any of his teeth. Restoration of Tony's mouth included a combination of porcelain as well as tooth-colored filling material to help stay within Tony's budget. Tony's lower teeth were not restored other than bonding on his lower front teeth. Tony may decide to treat his lower teeth in the future, however, the current restorations are functioning well.

Tony and I are thrilled with his new smile. Tony will wear a grinding appliance at night to protect his investment and make sure to keep up his home care and maintenance appointments.