Family Dentistry in Maple

Our friendly family dentistry clinic happily resides in Maple and Vaughan, Ontario. 

We provide a wide variety of dental practices and procedures in Maple and Vaughan. With over 17 year experience, Forman Dental Care offers only trusted services. Our client loyalty is a reflection of the high-quality services we offer.

Do dental visits make you nervous? Not a problem. Our goal is to provide  relaxing and nerve-free experiences. We treat each and every patient with respect and care; your comfort matters to us. 

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Comfortable and affordable family dentistry

Our team has been trusted by families in Maple and nearby areas for over 17 years! Learn more about our Family Dental Care Clinic in Maple.

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Clinical information for dental issues such as cracked, broken or missing teeth, home care, dentistry for kids and more.

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Our dental services and procedures

At Forman Dentistry, we offer many types of services for any of your dental needs. Learn more about the services we offer!

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A collection of articles, blog posts and tips for your oral health. Read our Word of Mouth Blog!

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Commonly Asked Questions

Get Answers For Your Questions

Afraid of the dentist? or just don’t like dental work?

Forman Dental is proud to offer minimal sedation to our patients that are either afraid of or just don’t like getting dental work done.

Imagine having a great night sleep before you dental appointment and then coming to the office relaxed and calm. Then think about having your dental work completed while you are completely relaxed and for what seems like only minutes. You will then go home and have only a mild recollection of coming to the office and sitting in the dental chair.

This is all possible with only a minimal level of sedation and you may even start to like the dentist office. Please call our office for details.

I have a pain in my tooth or mouth!

Call our office right away and we will get you in immediately.  There may be a small wait if the dentist is finishing with another patient and then you will be seen right away. After hours please call our office and you will be provided with Dr. Forman’s cell phone number (416 402 8093) or alternative instructions. When Dr. Forman is not available for call specific instructions will be left for how and where you can receive immediate attention when you contact our office.

I have a broken tooth, what should I do?

Whether you have broken a back tooth and it is bothering your tongue or making it hard to eat, or whether it is your front tooth and you have an important meeting or social event and want the confidence to smile, it is important to us.

Contact our office and we will get you in as soon as possible. We always have time slots reserved for emergencies and we will fit you in to make sure we can get you comfortable or able to smile! Additional treatment may be required depending on the nature of the problem and may require further appointments.

Useful Information

Offering Secondary Opinions

Do you provide second opinions and free consultations?

I have been told that I need some dental work done and I would like a second opinion?

Dr. Forman and his team are happy to offer second opinions that are free of charge (a fee for x rays will apply where necessary). We provide second opinions for a wide ranges of services including implants, gum and periodontal disease, root canals, orthodontic treatment, orthodontic treatment such as crown, bridges and dentures.

If you have a dental problem or concern and just want some advice to decide what your options are or what direction to go with your treatment Forman Dental wants to help. We are happy to provide complimentary consultations for many of your dental concerns whether it is a missing tooth, concerns about your smile, gum, wearing of your teeth, whether dental implants are for you and many more. Give us a call and come in so we can show we can help.

Payment methods & policies

We do accept payment directly from insurance companies (some restrictions apply) and we require co-payments to be made at the time of treatment. For larger cases we are happy to provide extended payment plans that are customized to the treatment that is required. Please calls us for details and ask to speak with our Office Manager, Anna Pecchia.

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